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Digital Signage News

Take Advantage of Economic Growth

As we all know, communication to visitors and employees is critical during good times and bad. After years of economic turmoil around the world, it seems that growth is continuing. Communication in many mediums (including digital signage) can help you leverage this to your advantage by concentrating on proactive business marketing to grow your business with both employee communication and reminding your visitors of the great products and services that you offer.... (read more)

Tips & Techniques

"Reading Speed" setting adds flexibility

StrandVision has many features to make your life easier. One is the automatic reading speed setting for your digital signage. If your signage is too fast or too slow, you can control the display time for all text slides from a single preference setting and further adjust individual slides to your needs… (read more)


Dynamic Content Keeps Your Viewers Attention (and Employees Happy)

During the 14 years we have been helping customers with electronic signage systems, one of the biggest issues we have encountered is digital signage content that repeats so regularly that your viewers guess what is coming up next. We have all heard that "variety is the spice of life", and that is especially true for electronic signage. Spicing up your content is easy (and usually automatic) when you activate the StrandVision capabilities that make sense for your organization. (read more)

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