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StrandVision News

StrandVision Announces Discount Program for Education/Non-Profit Customers

StrandVision is offering a 15% discount on its subscription price to educational institutions and non-profit organizations…(read more)

Timely Templates

It's December! So we have several special StrandVision holiday templates

Be sure to check out our new Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and New Years holiday templates early this month so you can use them through the entire season… (Visit Forum)

Tips & Techniques

StrandVision Updates PowerPoint Conversions/Offers Multiple Graphics Options

We've added several enhancements to both make it easier to convert PowerPoint slides and show multiple images on a single page… (read more)


Selling digital signage to hospitality customers

In a recent VSR Online article, Mike Strand discusses selling digital signage to hotels and gives a great example of how signage can be used to enhance guest satisfaction and improve sales … (read more)

Digital Designs

King Drug uses photography/progressive slides to convey message

King Drug posts messages for Commonwealth Biomedical Research that are clear, concise and effective … (read more)

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