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StrandVision Updates PowerPoint Conversions/Offers Multiple Graphics Options

We've added several enhancements to both make it easier to convert PowerPoint slides and show multiple images on a single page…

We continue to improve both the capabilities and the ease-of-use of StrandVision Digital Signage. This month we're featuring some powerpoint digital signage capabilities that several customers have requested. They make it really easy to reuse existing PowerPoint slides and give you an easy way to create and display multiple photos and graphics.

Let's Start with the PowerPoint Conversion:

We've offered the ability to convert PowerPoint (.PPT or .PPTX) presentations to .JPG format for use with your StrandVision Digital Signage for some time. Now we have three options that fit with the way that you use the conversion tool. It takes just a few easy steps:

  • Log into your account
  • Select "Convert PowerPoint" Under the "Signage Pages" tab

You will then see the conversion page that offers three options:

  • Auto-update a signage page - This is the option that people will use most often. Simply select the PowerPoint file that you want to convert. The conversion utility automatically converts up to ten PowerPoint slides from .PPT to .JPG format, sizes them for optimal display on your StrandVision Digital Signage, gives the file the same name as you've called it on your computer and adds it to your signage rotation.
    You receive an email in a matter of minutes letting your know that the conversion is complete and that the graphics are already added to your digital signage rotation.
    If you already have a StrandVision page with the same name as the PowerPoint file that you're converting, the conversion utility automatically replaces the earlier version with the new slide(s) while keeping the selected display parameters. This is especially helpful if you regularly update safety information, or birthdays or other information. One step updates all the images automatically.
  • Replace a current signage page - Is the second option. This allow you to use a file from your computer that has a different name from what is already on the StrandVision system to update and replace the existing page. Once again, one step does it all.
  • Create a packaged file to download - This is the traditional way that delivers the converted slides to you as a .ZIP file. The difference now is that, just like for the first two options, you can load up to ten converted slides to each page rather than having to load each slide to a separate page.

Random and Multiple Photo and Graphic Options

You also have new options as to how you display your multiple graphics whether you upload PPTs for conversion or just want to show multiple .JPG graphics in a single page. There are two display options:

After you log in go to "Modify Pages" and select the "Page Type" dropdown.

There you will see "Random Photos / Images" and "Multiple Photos / Images"

If you select "Random" and add up to ten photos or graphics to the page, they will be displayed each time your StrandVision Digital Signage goes through the entire deck of pages. So, if you have seven photos to display, one will be displayed on each run through and it will take seven rotations through the deck to complete showing the full set.

The "Multiple" selection displays all of the photos/graphics each time the page comes up in the rotation. So, if you have seven photos/graphics they will all be displayed before your StrandVision Digital Signage moves on to the next page in the rotation. Every photo/graphic will be displayed on each run through of the rotation.

Both "Random" and "Multiple" work with any .JPG, .GIF or .PNG file that you add to the pages and also accommodate the PowerPoint conversion pages described in the earlier section.

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