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Digital Signage News

Digital signage brings new revenue

A perfect storm is brewing in the digital signage market. For business-savvy IT managers, that means new opportunities and new revenue streams…(read more)

Timely Templates

Cookouts, Reunions, Adopt a Cat, Graduation

We all have graduates to celebrate. Congratulate those viewers who are graduating this spring. June is also "Adopt a Shelter Cat" month. July is "National Reunion" month and also a time for grilling with your friends and co-workers. Keep your viewers informed with these colorful announcements… (Visit Forum)

Tips & Techniques

StrandVision's Emergency Notification - Activated from a Cell Phone

We just added the capability for administrators to activate Emergency Schedule notifications over StrandVision Digital Signage from anywhere, anytime over cell phones… (read more)


How to Sell Digital Signage for Back-of-House Hospitality Systems

It seems like digital signage is everywhere in hotels. We see signs in the public areasвЂ"lobbies, restaurants, pools, even outdoorsвЂ"all used for marketing to guests and visitors. There is another application, however, that remains underdeveloped in the hospitality industry that presents enormous potential for digital signage users… (read more)

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