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StrandVision's Emergency Notification - Now Activated from a Cell Phone

See how administrators can activate Emergency Schedule notifications using Internet enabled cell phones…

Emergency Schedules offer dynamic, up-to-the-minute, user-created emergency notifications of a single to several pages that can be activated for display as needed. It is ideal for schools and colleges, industrial and commercial operations, retail and healthcare facilities for fire and tornado drills and evacuations and other notifications. It can also be used for other non-emergency notifications, such as training sessions and visiting dignitaries.

We've just added a new app for any Internet-enabled cell phone. Simply log onto to your private activation Web site with your cell phone and within a minute the notification is posted to your selected signage.

Targeted Notices

Since StrandVision Digital Signage is a hosted system that communicates directly with individual signage screens, groups of screens, entire sites and even multiple locations, administrators can precisely select the screens that carry the emergency notices based on the groupings that they define within their StrandVision subscription account.*

The StrandVision Digital Signage can give detailed location-specific instructions to occupants. Administrators have full control to design the required notices and override the normal digital signage display in order to communicate directly with viewers.

System Override

StrandVision emergency pages can be inserted into the normal page or override all of the pages in the StrandVision Digital Signage mix and display only the selected emergency notices. For installations that use audio, attention grabbing sound effects are played with the emergency announcements.

Simple Setup

Administrators preset emergency notifications in a password-protected area on the StrandVision Digital Signage console. The notices can be single or multiple, static and/or scrolling text signage pages, as well as graphic images that can include building diagrams and photos. Multiple pages can be created to present a series of instructions and/or information in multiple languages.

For step-by-step directions on how to set up Emergency Schedule for your StrandVision Digital Signage visit (

Quick Activation

Once the announcements have been created, they can be activated over the Internet, including by phone, by any authorized administrator from any location. Secure ID and second-level password protection are part of the Emergency Schedule package. In less than a minute, all of the selected screens switch over to the emergency messages mode. The Emergency Schedule notification feature allows organizations to post emergency notice display(s) then deactivate the notices and return to the normal signage content pages.

* Remember, when you create an emergency schedule, all locations in the organization are able to use that selection. If you intend to have an emergency assigned only to one physical location, be sure to name it so that other locations will not use it and assign an additional password to activate and deactivate the emergency schedule. Otherwise, the emergency notification could inadvertently stop their signage and play your emergency content.

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