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Digital Signage News

San Francisco Chronicle Talks StrandVision

The San Francisco recently carried a number of StrandVision news items, including announcements on new customers Ladysmith Federal Bank of Ladysmith, Wisconsin and the Mercy Center Nursing Unit of Dallas, Pennsylvania as well as the announcement on StrandVision surpassing five billion digital signage content pages

Timely Templates

Motivational Digital Signage Content

This month we are hoping to help your viewers think beyond their daily concerns and cares. These motivational signage pages will share the benefits of working for a cause instead of applause, the benefits of making ideas happen and that everything will work out ok no matter what happens...… (Visit Forum)

Tips & Techniques

Including PowerPoint Presentations in StrandVision Digital Signage is More Powerful than Ever

Available to StrandVision Digital Signage subscribers with Streaming Video, Gold and Platinum packages, the new capability enables easy digital signage display of full-featured PowerPoint presentations with transitions, animations and audio… (read more)


How to Sell Digital Signage Solutions to Banks

Check out StrandVision's latest VSR Online article "How to Sell Digital Signage Solutions to Banks" by Mike Strand. It talks about the opportunity for digital signage in local banks and credit unions – even banks that already have signage. It also includes lots of creative ideas on how banks can use their signage on the Web and with social media… (read more)

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