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Enhanced PowerPoint Digital Signage Content

Display full-motion, animated PowerPoint digital signage content over your StrandVision Digital Signage networks

We’ve enhanced the PowerPoint conversion utility for Streaming Video, Gold and Platinum package subscribers so that you can now display full-motion, animated PowerPoint presentations as part of your digital signage content over your StrandVision Digital Signage networks.

You can efficiently upload multiple PowerPoint presentations at a time, as well as display complete PowerPoint presentations with all slide builds, transitions, animations and embedded audio tracks, as they appear in the original .ppt or .pptx presentation files.

It makes it easy to distribute PowerPoint content, such as corporate announcements, management presentations, training programs and business marketing promotional materials, as it appears in the original presentations.

New upload features include:

  • Batch uploads of multiple .ppt or .pptx files;
  • Ability to select fully animated or traditional image conversion types;
  • Automatic conversion of uploaded PowerPoint files in minutes for use on the StrandVision Digital Signage network;
  • Automatic naming of digital signage content pages using the original file name;
  • Automatic addition of the uploaded presentation directly to the subscriber’s digital signage page mix within their Content Management System (CMS) portal;
  • Ability to customize the conversion email confirmation process for each PowerPoint submitted;
  • Easy replacement of a previously uploaded PowerPoint presentation by uploading a new or modified file with the same name.

New Presentation features include:

  • Full .ppt and .pptx capabilities. All builds, transitions and animations in original presentations are preserved and included in the final video file;
  • Background music, sound effects and audio narration are retained in the presentation. (Playback requires audio-enabled digital signage capabilities at the display points.)

Just log on to your account, select the Signage Pages tab and click on the Video/PowerPoint selection in the frame on the left. Follow the directions and your PowerPoint presentation will be automatically added to your page menu.

The animated PowerPoint presentation capabilities are included immediately as a free digital signage capability to StrandVision Digital Signage subscribers with Streaming Video, Gold and Platinum packages. Subscribers can have an unlimited number of PowerPoint slides up to the page limits of their license. Although the resulting conversion is internally handled as a video file, the PowerPoint-converted presentations do not count towards digital signage package video limits. All StrandVision Digital Signage subscribers continue to be able to display PowerPoint slides over their networks using the traditional PowerPoint-to-image conversion process - which is recommended for customers using the web, screen saver or web browser home page digital signage capabilities.

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