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Digital Signage News

StrandVision Now Offers World Weather Digital Signage Content

Digital Signage covered the news of StrandVision extending its digital signage weather forecast service to its electronic signage customers around the world. The editor wrote, "U.S. customers of StrandVision Digital Signage have been able to display weather information since the company was founded nearly a decade ago. Now its international customers can get in on the act, too." (read more)

Timely Templates

Summer Fun

Let your viewers know about all the summer fun coming up with your organization. Announce the upcoming company picnic or water fun and remind everyone of the joy of summer… (Visit Forum)

Tips & Techniques

StrandVision now offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels for administrators

StrandVision has introduced three user levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, for administrators that lets you choose how you work with StrandVision's page portal. Each level adds increased control over the look of your pages. It's easy to select your level and start working… (read more)


Multi-tier Distribution: The Key to Large Digital Signage Installations

One thing about digital signage installations is that they almost always grow. And with that growth comes a need to tailor electronic signage content for particular audiences, locations and divisions. We have a number of large corporations, industrial distributors and worldwide franchised hotel chains that need to have highly customized digital signage content streams for each property and even different departments within those properties. This article discusses some of the challenges and the topology of multi-screen, multi-stream digital signage networks… (read more)

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