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Digital Signage News

We've Set Up a YouTube Electronic Signage Video Channel and Now Have Regularly Scheduled Training Webinars

StrandVision Digital Signage has added a Digital Signage Video Channel to offer short, targeted, information sessions and tutorials on our cloud-based service, specific electronic signage features and general digital signage topics, including installation, content design and visitor/employee communication recommendations. We've also introduced scheduled Webinar training sessions on the second Tuesday and third Thursday of each month that offer a broad overview of StrandVision's capabilities and how to use our online administrative tools… (read more)

Timely Templates

Fall is Here!

Another fantasic summer has passed and it is soon time for daylight savings time. You will also find pages to wish your digital signage viewers a great Haloween and Thanksgiving… (Visit Forum)

Tips & Techniques

New Digital Signage Content Highlighting Border

We just introduced a new, free digital signage visitor and employee communication enhancement that highlights new pages and updates to existing pages with color-coded borders in order to alert viewers that new digital signage content is being displayed. Many thanks to David from Weastec and Adam from Hyatt Orlando Airport for suggesting this feature. Here's how you use it... (read more)


Digital Signage = Passive Persistent Presence

Sometimes we (I, really) get so close to a subject that we miss the big picture. Here’s one: The most important differentiator of digital signs is that they are passive in their communication, persistent with various messages driving home the same point and physically present. With digital signage, the medium is always on, viewers don’t get to control the content and the content is automatically and persistently presented to them when and where they are. This is an important differentiator… (read more)

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