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New Content Highlighting Border

Another free digital signage feature that highlights new electronic signage content with a color coded border.

The new content highlighting feature automatically adds a red New Content Highlight Border to the pages and/or frames when additions or changes are made to the digital signage page mix; the border fades through to yellow and then disappears after three days under the default setting. Subscriber administrators at the Intermediate or Advanced levels can disable the feature or change their default New Content Highlight Time setting to a number of interim times ranging from one-half hour up to two weeks.

Here's how you do it. You simply log in, go to the "Your Account" "Preferences" page and select the "New Content Highlight Time" option from the settings list. Then you pick the time range from "Off" to Bi-weekly" from the dropdown list and click save. That's it. Your changes will be automatically highlighted on all digital signage players showing that page. Visit to read the press release.

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