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Digital Signage News

StrandVision Offers Famous Quotes - Digital Signage Communication Templates

Our latest digital signage campaign library offers pre-produced visitor and employee communication quotes by famous people which addresses self improvement, leadership and overcoming hardships of electronic sign viewers. In addition to the previously announced Environmental, Health/Wellness, Safety, Motivational, Finance and Time Management libraries, this set of 150 attractive digital signage quotes is expanded weekly. You can choose to add this communication library topic along with the other library topics on your electronic signage portal up to the limits of your subscription level… (see samples)

Tips & Techniques

Schedule or Override Your Signage

To keep your digital signage content fresh and targeted to your viewers, use StrandVision's scheduling capability. Have more engaged viewers by keeping your employees and visitors consistently watching your signage content and getting your marketing messages across long term. The digital signage scheduling features offered by StrandVision allows powerful and flexible capabilities to automatically bring in content at the right times and create the randomness that is so critical to a good electronic signage program. Every digital signage content page has several individual scheduling options that are handled automatically. You can also use the Emergency Messaging system to temporarily override your signage for even more impact. To learn how easy it is to harness the scheduler capability, check out this video. To learn more about emergency messages, check out this video.


Don't Forget About Training!

Although StrandVision is easy to use, training can help you improve your overall communication with your visitors and employees. Many of our customers have been with us for the 12 years we have been in business and we continue to add new customers as well. We offer regularly scheduled webinars that anyone can attend - whether you are a StrandVision customer or not. If you don't have time for a 45 minute webinar, check out our video library. Whether you are just looking to learn more about digital signage, are new with StrandVision or have been doing digital signage content for years, everyone can learn some new tips and tricks from these videos or live training events with interactive Q&A. Sign up for a no fee webinar today. (read more)

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