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Welcome to a new and exciting 2016! StrandVision wishes you and yours all the hope, wonder and joy that the new year can bring!

Digital Signage News

Automatic Holiday Recognition with Digital Signage Communication Templates

Our latest digital signage campaign library offers pre-produced holiday recognition that automatically displays animated holiday and seasonal digital signage content during the appropriate timeframe to electronic sign viewers. Like the previously announced Environmental, Health/Wellness, Safety, Motivational, Finance, Time Management and Famous Quote libraries, the set of 40+ events can be easily included in StrandVision customer electronic signage digital media player displays for automatic selection throughout the year. You can choose to add this communication library topic along with the other library topics on your electronic signage portal up to the limits of your subscription level… (see samples)

Tips & Techniques

Context Sensitive Video Tips Available

View Digital Signage Video TutorialsStrandVision has recently added video projector icons throughout the web site that link to context sensitive video tips from our in-depth library of video tutorials. As you work with the web site, clicking on the video projector icons will show a couple minute tutorial / overview about the area of the digital signage web site page you are on. Topics include general navigation of the site and getting gratis digital signage subscription / webinars through content types and setup, scheduling, emergency messaging and automatic birthday and anniversary display. To view the complete list of videos, click here.


Don't Forget To Add The Latest Capabilities!

StrandVision introduced several features in 2015. Two of these (included with most subscriptions) that we recommend you add to your digital signage content mix to motivate your viewers to keep watching your signage are the communication library and people database.

The communication library is a series of StrandVision created animated content offered in several user selectable categories including Environmental, Health/Wellness, Safety, Motivational, Finance, Time Management, Famous Quotes and Holidays. Click here to see samples and to add the signage content to your digital signage page mix.

The "People" electronic signage pages make it easy for companies and organizations to automatically call up individuals or groups in order to feature employees’ and members’ birthdays, anniversaries and other events or accomplishments. The system includes a database of people with general information and an optional photo that can be manually updated or imported as changes are made. Contact StrandVision with questions or to have them create an automatic connection to your payroll system. (learn more)

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