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Digital Signage News

Auto Dealer Adds StrandVision Outdoor Billboard

A midwest auto dealership recently expanded their marketing efforts by having StrandVision Digital Signage install an electronic sign in their service center waiting room and a double sided 6' x 12' outdoor billboard / sign. StrandVision worked with a nearby contractor to remove the old sign and erect the electronic billboard communicating to roadside traffic. The digital signage content for these signs are individually controlled and scheduled using the versatile StrandVision software and web management portal. (read more)

Tips & Techniques

Holiday and Weather Schedules Added

Several digital signage content scheduling enhancements were recently added. Many US and World holidays were added to make it easy to schedule content pages to be automatically added in on the holiday. The scheduling also allows activation for quarters, months, weeks, days or hours and custom schedules can also be created.

When using custom schedules, the system can be configured to activate during date ranges, days of the week, times and can also look at outside temperatures above or below a certain threshold. United States customers can also configure the system to activate when the radar is showing a storm or the weather is clear. This allows for winter / summer pages to be setup as well as exchanging your car wash message with an oil change when it is raining. To see how to use these powerful digital signage scheduling capabilities, click here.


People Import for Automatic Birthdays and Anniversaries

If your team's birthdays and anniversaries are setup by hand on a weekly or monthly basis, it is time to consider StrandVision's automatic people database. The "People" electronic signage pages make it easy for companies and organizations to automatically call up individuals or groups in order to feature employees’ and members’ birthdays, anniversaries and other events or accomplishments. The system includes a database of people with general information and an optional photo that can be manually updated or imported as changes are made.

The no charge system offers lots of flexibility with individual opt out, and a host of other settings for what information displays including selection time period and abbreviated names. The people import capability makes it easy to create or update the people database quickly from a payroll system (read more).

There are also many ways to automate the import process on a daily or weekly basis using capabilities that your payroll or contact management system already provides. Contact StrandVision for details.

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