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Digital Signage News

Self-Standing Pedestal Digital Displays

StrandVision Digital Signage introduced a line of large-format, self-standing pedestal LED digital displays. These kiosk displays are available in 49 and 55-inch vertical configurations. All of the units are rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use and are optimized for bright, commercial environments. They include tempered glass, alloy encasing, integrated cooling fans, LED backlighting and built-in speakers. (read more)

Tips & Techniques

Bring the Outside In with Your Security Camera

Most businesses have security cameras to monitor the faciity and some even have rooftop cameras overlooking the city or beautiful scenery. StrandVision recently added a new page type to bring images from these cameras to your digital signage display. For each camera that you want to display, simply add the "Security Camera" page type and enter the url to access the camera. If your camera is not available to the outside world through the Internet, you will need to use our Linux digital media player to automatically retrieve the feed and make it available for previewing your signage. You can even share your camera with other StrandVision subscribers who do not have direct access to the camera feed. (learn more)


StrandVision Social Media Integration can Enhance Visitor and Employee Communications/Incentive Programs

StrandVision offers many ways to automatically connect social media information sources, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to their digital signage networks. In addition to tapping into mainstream social media links, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, StrandVision Digital Signage also works with employee communications-specific sites like and and social media aggregator sites like Tagboard, Hootsuite or TweetDeck. These postings are automatically gathered by StrandVision Digital Signage cloud servers and displayed on the designated screens serving visitor or employee areas, such as break rooms, cafeterias, hallways and entrances. (read more)

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