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Bring the Outside In with Your Security Cameras

Share the beauty your cameras have to offer to your visitors and employees.

Bring the Outside In with Your Security CamerasStrandVision has many ways to get information from the outside world to your visitors and employees. The Security Camera feed reader is another way to bring images of the outside world into lobbies, break rooms or even onto outdoor billboards.

Most businesses have security cameras to monitor the facility and some even have rooftop cameras overlooking the city or beautiful scenery. The free digital signage IP Camera capability brings images from these cameras to the digital signage displays that you specify. For each camera that you want to display, simply add an "Security Camera" page type, setup the display schedule and enter the url to access the camera. If the camera is follows standard conventions, the system will take care of it from there. If unable to find the feed automatically, StrandVision will help you get a more specific video streaming url. If your camera is inside of your firewall, you will need our Linux media player to automatically retrieve the feed and make it available for previewing your signage. You can even share your camera with other StrandVision subscribers who do not have direct access to the camera feed.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to start showing your security camera feeds on your signage. If you do not already have a free digital signage account, try it for 30 days with no obligation at

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