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Digital Signage News

Digital Signage Communication Templates Go Vertical

Most StrandVision customers display signage in the landscape mode (just as your cable or satellite TV does). StrandVision has been able to do portrait (vertical orientation) signage playback for years, but our communication libraries could not until recently. All of our communication libraries now work flawlessly with any portrait screen orientation including our pedestal screens and the vertical right side when using the split screen capability available in the streaming video package or higher.

The digital signage campaign libraries allow you to select from the categories of Environmental, Health/Wellness, Safety, Motivational, Finance, Time Management, Famous Quotes, Trivia and Holidays. Each category offers more than 40 pre-configured content topics (Trivia and Quotes have hundreds) which can be easily included in StrandVision customer electronic signage digital media player displays. You can add any of these communication library topics to your electronic signage portal up to the limits of your subscription level… (see samples)

Tips & Techniques

Create Dynamic Content with User Databases

View Digital Signage Video TutorialsCheck out this video to see another way to keep your electronic signage content personalized and fresh. The User Database capability provides an easy to manage system that allows for easy creation and updating of personalized information and with the right interface, can automatically update the information from your existing software and management reporting systems.

Create virtually any database structure to enter your information and select from one of four signage display methods. With the streaming video or higher packages, you can even include photos and color coded details for each database record. Some uses of this flexible capability are customer testimonials, automatically calculated safe days, realtor property listings, real time shipping reports and many more. There is even the ability to filter which records are selected to display. To see more, click here.


StrandVision Digital Signage Reporting Improves Content and Compliance

Sometimes it is hard to know how well your digital signage is working for you. The StrandVision Digital Signage system offers reports that can help you with that by showing who has logged in and when, details of changes that is made to your content and offer recommendations to improve your signage with capabilities that you are not using. These can be used to confirm that your digital signage content moderators are properly trained and can be used for proof of compliance for job postings or advertisements in the event of a union or other labor dispute. This video shows how to harness these powerful capabilities that are included with every account. (see more)

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