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Happy Holidays!!!

The entire staff at StrandVision sends you and yours our best wishes for the Holidays and for 2007!

Digital Signage News

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce Sells Advertising to its Members

The Cape Cod C of C uses StrandVision to display a calendar of events, public service announcements and ads over a plasma screen in its Visitor Center. The Chamber is selling 10-second spots to its members… (read more)

StrandVision Distributes DataCall’s Live Feed Information

StrandVision is now reselling DataCall information including news, sports, weather, trivia, and thought of the day. DataCall Technologies Inc. is a news and information aggregator that offers copyright-cleared information feeds… (read more)


Adding DataCall Information

Want to expand or add trivia, thoughts of the day, special sports, news, stock or other feeds to your digital signage and want to make sure that you don’t run into copyright problems? StrandVision’s new agreement with DataCall makes it easy to add their content to your signage… (read more)


End-of-year Selling

Now is the time to work with your StrandVision Digital Signage customers and prospects as they make their 2007 budget plans. StrandVision’s new configurator can help… (read more)

StrandVision in the News

Progressive Distributor - Refresh Your Marketing

StrandVision Founder and CEO, Mike Strand, presents several new ways that industrial distributors can use electronic communications to reach customers and prospects. He discusses email and newsletter campaigns, Web sites and, of course, digital signs… (read more)

KioskMarketplace - Animated Weather

KioskMarketplace carried the StrandVision Animated Weather announcement. This type of publicity helps promote digital signage and explains how it can be used in many different commercial, educational and industrial settings… (read more)


Pricing configurator streamlines signup process - simplifies pricing

StrandVision has launched a new purchase/configurator page that makes it easy to select single- and multi-site digital signage packages… (read more)

Usage Tip

StrandVision offers local audio option

Sometimes StrandVision customers want to use their digital signs to play locally originated audio - such as holiday music. StrandVision has added the capability for free… (read more)

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