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End-of-year Selling

Now is the time to work with your StrandVision Digital Signage customers and prospects as they make their 2007 budget plans. StrandVision’s new configurator can help…

Sometimes there is a tendency to kick back in December, get ready for the holidays and wait for next year. In fact, December is one of the best times to be in touch with your customers and prospects to make sure that they consider digital signs (either pilots or full-fledged systems) in the new year. You want to reach them before their budgets are set so you don’t lose an entire year. StrandVision digital signs are typically inexpensive and easy to set up. However, most companies would need to include digital signage costs in their budgets and take some time to plan for the signage since it is new to them.

In order to make the process easier for you, we have launched our new configurator so you can easily develop quotes against RFPs or more speculative estimates for planning purposes.

Remember to keep StrandVision digital signs at the forefront. Many of your customers may need digital signs but not know it. They may have a communications problem but don’t know how well digital signs can help them overcome it. Now is the time to introduce yourself and StrandVision to start the process of solving their communications issues with StrandVision digital signs.

Check out our news section and past newsletters for inspiration. There, you’ll find many tips and announcements about our technologies, as well as several customer examples that may inspire you and your prospects to the potential of digital signs.

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