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StrandVision offers local audio option

Sometimes StrandVision customers want to use their digital signs to play locally originated audio - such as holiday music. StrandVision has added the capability for free…

StrandVision’s new local audio feature is easy to implement. Simply connect an audio source, such as a CD player, to the microphone input of the local player PC. It is part of all packages (even the demo) for no extra charge. The music will play through the "speaker out" port to speakers attached to the PC or to the speaker inputs on your television, LCD or plasma display.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But StrandVision has added an automatic feature that allows you to mix your local background music with other audio that may be part of your digital signage mix. The StrandVision player instantly mutes the local audio as soon as it senses another audio stream coming from the StrandVision server. If one of your digital signage displays includes a voiceover or you are running a television ad and want the audio to be included, the local audio is muted and then is immediately restored after the audio portion of your digital signage display is completed… another "set it and forget it" feature.

StrandVision’s local audio is another way for you to customize your digital sign to your specific requirements - and of course, it also is an example of how your feedback guides us as we add new features - this time for free…

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