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Commission nominee Von der Leyen to quit defence post

Pledge part of attempt to win over critical MEPs ahead of presidential confirmation Reported by FT

Revelations of a former judge in Turkey

Three years after the attempted coup in Turkey, a sacked Turkish judge tells his story Reported by euronews

Spain elections loom after coalition talks collapse

Prime minister Pedro Sánchez says Podemos has rejected all his proposals Reported by FT

Ursula von der Leyen: Headed back to Brussels?

EU leaders threw their weight behind German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen to become the bloc's next top executive. But she'll need to win over critics to become the European Commission's first female president. Reported by Deutsche Welle

Turkey still reeling from consequences of failed coup, three years on

Three years ago, Turkey witnessed a coup attempt whose ramifications can be felt to this day. The authorities have carried out the biggest purge in the country's history. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reinforced his powers and changed the parliamentary system to a presidential one. Tens ... Reported by France 24

Suzanne Eaton murder: Man arrested for murder of US scientist

The man who allegedly killed Suzanne Eaton was reported to be a father of two from the Greek island. Reported by BBC News

More than 2 billion people lack access to healthy food, UN report says

More than 2 billion people lack access to healthy food, putting them at risk of health problems - and many of them live in North America or Europe, the United Nations said on Monday, urging governments to "look beyond hunger". Reported by France 24

The Brief: Jordan Bardella takes seat in European Parliament, Court of Justice decision updates

Jordan Bardella wants power back in national EU capitals -Von der Leyen considers Brexit postponement -Court of Justice rules on flights, family reunification Find out your latest political news on the Brief from Brussels. Reported by euronews

Greece plans new seven-year bond after sharp rally

Country’s debt yields have fallen in recent weeks on ECB stimulus bets and after elections Reported by FT

E.U. Foreign Ministers Scramble to Save Iran Deal

The British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said that there was a “small window” left to salvage the nuclear deal but that the opportunity wouldn’t last. Reported by NYTimes

Polish mayor's widow fights hate that killed her husband

Her husband was assassinated as mayor of Gdansk. Now Magdalena Adamowicz, a newly elected member of the European Parliament, has taken up the fight against hate speech that threatens both public discourse and lives. Reported by Deutsche Welle

Germany's von der Leyen supports Brexit extension

Ursula von der Leyen has tried to sway socialists and liberals on a possible Brexit delay. She also confirmed she will step down as German defense minister, regardless of whether she is successful in her presidency bid. Reported by Deutsche Welle

'Small window' to save Iran nuclear deal

There is still a "small window" of opportunity to save the Iran nuclear deal, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says. Reported by SBS

Alan Turing Will Be New Face of £50 Note, Bank of England Says

The mathematician and computer pioneer was chosen from 227,299 nominations for notable figures in the field of science. Reported by NYTimes

And Then There Was One: Three People Lived in This Village Until Two Were Murdered.

Thirty years ago, 200 people lived in the Moldovan village of Dobrusa. But most have since left or died. After a twin killing in February, there’s only one survivor still standing. Reported by NYTimes

Iran nuclear deal: Jeremy Hunt aims to ease tensions

Britain, Germany and France are emphasising their support for the deal amid tensions in the Gulf. Reported by BBC News

Combat 18: The neo-Nazi network facing a ban in Germany

Germany may soon ban the neo-Nazi group Combat 18 as a terrorist organization. Given Germany's history, and a recent killing allegedly tied to neo-Nazi circles, the main mystery may be why it hasn't been banned yet. Reported by Deutsche Welle

Skydiving plane crash kills nine in Sweden

Nine people die when a plane carrying them for a parachute jump crashes in northern Sweden. Reported by BBC News

US bundled equity commissions fall by nearly half in decade

Chart to start the week: more fund houses adopt Mifid II-style transparency on pricing Reported by FT

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