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What is Digital Signage?

Background and Uses of Digital Signage

Digital signage is everywhere! It’s those TVs that you see in the retail store showing featured products; it’s the display in the doctor’s office providing business marketing messages; it’s the large format monitor in a company’s dining area showing employee communications information. Digital Signage Solutions from StrandVision Digital Signage make your Business Marketing Promotions come alive and stay fresh with Internet weather, news and other content that is constantly updated. Here’s the wikipedia definition:

Customer Marketing / Visitor Communication

Digital signs promote products and services and "Make the Wait Worthwhile" for customers and visitors. They help increase sales and customer satisfaction by delivering your business marketing message at the right time and place. Our subscribers find that a few strategically placed digital signage displays pay for themselves in just a few months by promoting lesser known products and services.

Employee Communications

You can also use digital signage to provide employees with consistent, timely communications about upcoming events, benefits, achievements and community announcements. Digital signs let you reach them anywhere you set up a display. An added benefit is that content can be instantly updated to provide emergency information.

About StrandVision

StrandVision Digital Signage was started in 2003 by Mike Strand. He created an Internet-based service provider that delivers personalized marketing and informational messages directly to customers’ television or computer monitors.

It’s easy to post your information and doesn't require a big investment in digital signage equipment. StrandVision offers electronic signage subscriptions so you don’t have to spend a lot of money up front. In fact, you can even use our Test Drive for free digital signage using your existing displays Digital Media Player to see how it’ll work for you.

Digital signage is designed to make the wait worthwhile for customers, visitors or employees at a customer’s facility.  It serves these two primary functions providing business marketing at a low cost. 

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