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Illuminate your digital signage with Videos and PowerPoint

Illuminate your StrandVision Digital Signage with Videos and PowerPoint.

add lumination to your digital signage with videos and powerpoint filesShine an even brighter light on your digital signage content with the flexibility that videos and PowerPoint presentations offer. Your StrandVision.com electronic signage account makes it fast and easy to add these versatile digital sign content sources to your reader board loop. To see how to make your presentations dance and grab your viewer's attention, check out this video.

If you do not have an electronic signage account from StrandVision, you can create one at no charge for 30 days with no payment information requested and no obligation at http://www.strandvision.com/free_digital_signage_software_testdrive.html

To subscribe to StrandVision's Digital Signage video channel, go here and subscribe.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or interest in expanding your StrandVision usage, please contact StrandVision at 715-235-7446 or us. The mission at StrandVision is to "Make the Wait Worthwhile" for you and your viewers. We look forward to helping improve your communication while making it easier.

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