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Building a Kiosk Video Wall

Building a Kiosk Video Wall

There are many things to think about when you are constructing a video wall in a waiting area of your facility. Here is a list of things to think about.


  • The number of different video feeds you will have
  • The number of monitors that will display each feed
  • Where the monitors will be located
  • Graphics around the monitors on the wall


  • Whether you need audio (sound) to be transmitted with the video
  • Which feed will be the primary sound source or will it be selectable
  • Will the primary sound source broadcast through the entire lobby

Device Storage

  • Assume one vertical computer for each video feed
  • Assume one horizontal amplifier sized component for each video feed
  • One fan at the top of the cabinet for every two devices
  • 4 square inches of air intake at the bottom of the cabinet for every fan
  • Lockable full door access to the front of the cabinet
  • Accessible back for easy cabling of devices
  • Internet access, telephone access, plenty of power, surge protection built into the cabinet

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