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Configuring Windows PC

How to Setup a Windows PC for StrandVision Digital Signage

Steps to play your signage

Congratulations on getting your digital signage setup and ready to be displayed to your customers, vendors and employees. Now you are ready to set up your signage playback computer to automatically display your sign. You only need to do these steps once for each computer system that is displaying your digital signage unless you change your passwords.

  • Go to the computer that will be playing your digital signage.
  • Logout of Windows
  • Log in as the Windows user that will play the signage.
  • Click on Windows Start Button then Control Panel.
  • If you are not in "classic view", click on Appearance and Themes
  • Click on "Display".
  • Select the Screen Saver tab.
  • Make sure that the Screen Saver is set to None.
  • Click on the Power button (in the screen saver tab), and under the Power Schemes tab, set the "Turn Off Monitor" to Never. You can set "power down the hard drive" to 10 minutes if you like.
  • Click OK
  • Open a web browser and go to
  • log into your account by entering your username and password in the upper right page .
  • Enter your administration username (used for login) and password (click here if you forgot your password).
  • Highlight over Signage Pages and click on the "View Signage" menu selection to open up the links for your sign.
  • If you are using the "Audio Loopthrough" feature, follow the instructions in the document at
  • Near the top of the screen (below this symbol icon for standalone and Play your Signage on a TV Display) is a Windows installer.
  • Run this installer from the player computer. If you have Windows Security groups, it may be best to install to a c:\sign directory.
  • When prompted, enter the view only username and password. (If you need the view only username and password, click on View Signage, pick the location and the login information will appear in the instructions under "Play your Signage on a TV Display.)
  • That will automatically download the program files, videos and in a couple minutes, it will start your signage.
  • Once the signage appears
    • Click on the screen (to send keystrokes to the program)
    • Press the "C" key twice within a second
    • Enter a descriptive pc name describing where this screen is located
    • Click on save
  • If you want to set the system up in a screen saver mode:
    • Double click on the StrandVision Icon StrandVision Icon on the lower right side of the screen,
    • Click on setup, and check "Enable Screen-Saver Mode".
    • Set the time of inactivity in minutes to start the playback.
    • Remember that the escape or enter key needs to be pressed to exit the signage playback - even in screen saver mode.
  • If you want to auto-log in, follow these instructions.
  • You may want to restart your computer to ensure that your digital signage starts when you log in.

If you have additional questions, there is a large amount of knowledge available on our forum at, or you can contact StrandVision Digital Signage at 715-235-SIGN (7446) (email strandadmin).

Completely Removing StrandVision Digital Signage

If you mistakenly installed the product as a Windows Administrator, you will want to totally remove StrandVision Digital Signage software and then reinstall it as described above.

  • Log in as a Windows Administrator
  • click on Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs (on Vista or Windows 7, click on Programs and Features)
  • Uninstall StartSign
  • download and run to remove all occurances of StrandVision from your hard drive.
  • Reinstall as described above

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