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Affiliate Signup

Earn a residual income by referring people to StrandVision Digital Signage

Don't you just love when you get pennies from heaven? Those amazing things like colorful sunsets, a joyful laugh with a friend, and even winning the lottery are nice unexpected surprises. Although probably not as beautiful, StrandVision's profitable affiliate program can easily land a few thousand pennies into your pocket every month just by putting a link on your web site, emails or other online marketing efforts.

  • You receive 20% of the first referred customer subscription payment
  • Its free to join
  • Earn thousands per year!

Not only that, but when you share StrandVision Digital Signage, they will receive an excellent employee communication and business marketing tool. They also get assistance with installation advice and digital signage hardware such as the best Digital Media Player to use.

Just think, if just 2 people click on a link from your web site, email or marketing materials and sign up, you have the opportunity to receive over $400 - automatically - pennies from heaven. If 2 new annual subscriptions are purchased per month you could get between $3,000 and $8,500 in each year! As you can see, with just a little bit of up-front effort, you can get a nice revenue stream. Best of all, we handle everything including installation, customer support, renewal reminders and payment processing. You just monitor your account and request a payment when it exceeds $100, or apply the credit balance towards your own signage account. Click here for additional program details.

Apply Today!

And watch those pennies from heaven start rolling in.

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If you are interested in helping customers install their kiosk and digital signage system,
apply for our Installer / Reseller program.

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