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StrandVision Digital Signage offers pre-produced animated templates that will cover 15 themes from diversity and ethics, to safety and morale, spanning hundreds of specific subjects. Designed for both employee communication and general public audiences the Communications Campaign Library motivates, educates and informs digital signage viewers while demonstrating the organization's commitment to long-term and worthwhile green initiatives.

Charles Laughton and Clark Gable starred in this 1935 Oscar winning film about rebellion on the high seas. Trevor Howard and Marlon Brando starred in the 1962 sequel. What is the title?

Mutiny On The Bounty

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What is the sum of the square root of 4/9 and the square root of 9/16? Express your answer as a mixed number.

2/3 + 3/4 = 17/12 = 1 5/12

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This television personality, born in 1957 in South Carolina, has a photographic memory, and was champion speller in her high school, which comes in handy in her TV role. Who is she?

Vanna White On Wheel Of Fortune

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