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CVTC Deploys Multiple StrandVision Digital Signage Network

Chippewa Valley Technical College is a digital signage early adopter. They have been a StrandVision customer since 2006 and rolled out their "All CVTC" network in mid-2008. Their first exposure to digital signage had been through a home-grown system for Student Life announcements. CVTC is now in the process of rolling out StrandVision Digital Signage networks to other campuses and will use StrandVision's capabilities at the other campuses to show a mix of All CVTC slides, as well as locally-sourced content.

Chippewa Valley Technical College, StrandVision President and CEO Mike Strand's alma mater, was an early adopter of digital signage. It had a rudimentary Student Life system that was essentially a PowerPoint slide show using a screen saver. The College also ran a pilot test of the StrandVision system.

Before the rollout, the institution set a communications objective to provide college information that would be of interest to a wide audience. With what came to be called the "All CVTC" network, they wanted to reach all of the 18,000-20,000 matriculating and non-matriculating students, as well as all visitors to the campus.

CVTC signage welcome page
In the summer of 2008, CVTC rolled out the new All CVTC digital signage system for the main Eau Claire, Wisconsin campus, placed where students and the public will walk by. The screens are 42" flat-panel displays in the business and health education centers.

In addition to the All CVTC network, the Student Life organization has moved up to a separate StrandVision hosted digital signage service with displays on a half dozen smaller screens. The College is now installing StrandVision networks at four additional campuses - Chippewa Falls, Menomonie and River Falls, as well as the West Campus emergency service education center in Eau Claire.

Digital Signage Independence/Collaboration

CVTC is taking full advantage of StrandVision's flexibility and its ability to manage and coordinate complementary digital signage networks.

The All CVTC network continues to display Administrative messages that are of interest to all of the College's constituents who visit the main campus.

The signage is managed day-to-day by Advancement Director Diane Pavelski and Executive Assistant to the President Candy Johnson and features institution-wide information. It includes pages about schedules, graduation and scholarships, as well as news and pictures of community activities and campus events. It also carries local news, weather and Doppler radar.

The Student Life network accepts notices from student organizations that are posted by a Student Life Specialist. This separate network focuses more on upcoming student events and meeting notices.

There will also be a local system administrator for each of the other campuses who will handle regular updates.

However, using StrandVision's Administrator/User hierarchy, the administrators will be able to share pages among the networks. Diane and Candy can choose to have specific All CVTC slides shown on any or all of the other networks. Likewise, administrators with proper authorization can add All CVTC slides to their display mix. It's a standard feature for multiple license holders that is available on StrandVision's digital signage console.

The College also recently took advantage of another StrandVision feature called Emergency Schedule. It is a temporary override feature that enabled Candy to post a special "Welcome" sign for a state board that was meeting in the health education center. The temporary welcome overrode the normal signage in one building for the selected time period and was then returned to normal programming.

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