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Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Mercury's New Sales Rep

Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Mercury is known for its innovative marketing. It held the Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour and hosted Ford engineers for the Super Duty Truck Event. It recently added a StrandVision Digital Signage system to feature products and services. The new digital sign directly led to the sale of a new Mercury Milan within weeks of going online, immediately paying for a year of service.

Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Mercury is always looking for ways to enhance its customers' buying and service experience. So, when Sherry Mohr, the dealership's Marketing Director, read an article about StrandVision's digital signage services in a local business publication, she immediately saw its potential.

Little did she know that the digital sign would soon prove its worth by initiating the sale of a new Mercury Milan.

Mercury Milan to Go, Please

It happened shortly after the StrandVision digital sign was installed. Explained Mohr, "A couple brought in their F150 truck for a lube, filter and oil change. They were watching TV in the waiting room and we have the StrandVision Digital Signage wrapped around the regular television programs. There was an invitation to take a test drive while you wait. They did and, as a result, they traded in their Toyota Camry for a new Mercury Milan.

StrandVision digital sign in Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Mercury waiting room
"So, it was purely the signage that gave them a subtle offer - an invitation that they decided to take advantage of - that helped them fall in love with a new model vehicle at our dealership."

Mohr credits other service, parts and accessory sales to the digital sign. "The feedback is really good even though not everyone says, 'I'm making a purchase as a direct result of the signage.'"

The Center of Attention

Mohr knew that she wanted to add a digital sign to the waiting room but also knew that it would be distracting to have another video display competing with the regular satellite TV. She bought a 52" LCD television, had it mounted on a wall in the waiting room and wired it back to a personal computer in a central office area.
She asked Mike Strand to combine the satellite TV and the StrandVision Digital Signage onto a single display.

Strand put together a system that enables the PC to combine the satellite TV with the digital signage before it is sent to the screen. The regular television programs fill 2/3 of the screen and the Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Mercury information is in the other 1/3 and along a top banner.

Said Mohr, "People are used to having a lot of stuff coming at them over one screen from Fox News and CNN. So I wanted all the information in one place, but I wanted it to be really clean."

Content is Key

The dealership has about 35 digital signage slides in the rotation. It includes product, service and special events promotions, local news and weather, and even pictures of employees and customers - all without interrupting the regular programming.

Mohr commented, "Tons of customers tell me that they like seeing the weather map [that StrandVision automatically includes]. People are into the weather all the time."

Employee photos are also drawing comments. Said Mohr, "Employees have had customers come up to them and comment that they are famous - they're on TV in the waiting room." Now, other employees want their pictures included. "It's great to build employee goodwill. Not only is it upselling customers, but it is also a great way to build our employee morale."

It's the same with featured customers. They tell their friends to stop by the service area to see their pictures on the digital sign.

Easy Administration

StrandVision trained Mohr using 30-minute, one-on-one, interactive phone and Web sessions. Now, she keeps the sign updated herself. "We have an advertising agency but I haven't set them up to update anything because it's that easy." She uses the scheduling feature to start and stop special events promotions and has different slides, such as the weather slide, come up at different intervals.

The StrandVision digital sign does the job for Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Mercury. "In the auto business you always say you should really work your service department for your new and used car sales. Digital signs are a great way to reach customers."

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