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StrandVision Debuting New Local Newspaper Link

StrandVision is beginning to establish collaborative news/subscription relationships with local newspapers in various marketsÂ…

Take your StrandVision Digital Signage local news to a whole new level!

StrandVision has developed a business marketing program that combines news feeds from local newspapers with newspaper subscriptions to give a local slant to your digital sign and a new form of business marketing for them. The program, which StrandVision will be happy to propose to your local newspaper, enables the streaming of local stories from the newsroom, through the StrandVision server, directly to your signage.

It’s a win-win! It costs you nothing!

You get the latest news and you are able to take advantage of the editorial talents of your local newspaper’s staff. They select the most relevant stories. In addition, StrandVision will buy you a subscription to the newspaper for your lobby (terms and conditions will vary by market) so that your visitors can read the paper to get additional information.

Your local newspaper benefits by taking advantage of StrandVision’s new, electronic distribution network to your waiting employees and visitors and can increase its paid circulation with the additional subscriptions.

We’re just starting on this project so, if you know anyone at your local newspaper that you think we should contact, let us know ( or sales at StrandVision.com). We’ll give them a call to see if they would be interested in collaborating so we can set up this type of truly local news feed for you.

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