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What will Brexit mean for interest rates?

As Brexit looms ahead, the Bank of England faces pressure to cut the base rate. So how could Brexit affect your mortgage and savings interest rates? Reported by Which?

Child benefit shake-up proposed: could parents regain lost National Insurance credits?

A new report urges the government to simplify child benefit and repay National Insurance contributions parents have lost due to not signing up Reported by Which?

Remortgaging before Brexit: how to get the cheapest deal as the rate war hots up

Which? analyses how mortgage rates have dropped since the 2016 EU referendum and offers advice on getting the best deal before Brexit. Reported by Which?

Missed out on the £50 Dyson V6? Here’s how to find the best cheap alternatives

Sainsbury's cordless Dyson sale left many empty-handed, but it's not the end of the road if you want a decent cheap vacuum cleaner Reported by Which?

How much does a multi-fuel or wood-burning stove really cost?

As the colder and darker days descend upon us, the idea of cosying up in front of a log fire is an idyllic one. But how much are you willing... Reported by Which?

Don’t Buy laptop revealed in latest Which? tests

A big brand's laptop has been tarred with our Don't Buy brush. Read on to find out how it went so wrong. Reported by Which?

Warm Home Discount: could you save £140 on your winter energy bill?

More energy firms have to offer the Warm Home Discount in 2019-20 but as many as 1.4 million pensioners could miss out on the £140 saving. Reported by Which?

PPI refunds could be delayed until summer 2020

It could take up to a year for some PPI claims to be resolved, despite the regulated eight week deadline, Which? has found. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK... Reported by Which?

Amazon Music comes to Apple TV, but is it the best streamer for audio?

A TV streamer isn't just about what you watch, it's about what you can listen to as well. With Amazon Music launching on Apple TV we ask whether an Apple, Amazon, Google Now TV or Roku streamer is best for music. Reported by Which?

Five blenders smoothie fans will go nuts for

From tilted jugs to vacuum blenders, we've rounded up the hottest blender trends from brands such as Sage, Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja. Get our verdict on what these hi-tech blenders bring to the (frozen cocktail) party Reported by Which?

State pension to rise by up to £343 a year in 2020

Millions of pensioners are set for a bumper pay rise from 6 April 2020, after September’s inflation figures were revealed. Find out how much you will get. Reported by Which?

The worst escorted tour providers for problems revealed

Holidaymakers are more likely to experience issues on an escorted tour than on any other type of trip, with some reporting terrible tour guides, unsatisfactory accommodation, or inedible food. Reported by Which?

9 essential half-term holiday tips: from last-minute deals to Ryanair rip-offs

From last-minute package holidays to not being ripped-off by Ryanair’s currency exchange, we’ve pulled together tips from our recent investigations and reviews to help you save on your half-term holiday. Reported by Which?

What’s new in Which? magazine: November 2019

If you’re not yet a Which? member, we’re offering a sneak peek at the latest product reviews and investigations tucked inside the latest issue. Reported by Which?

Five weird and wonderful smartphones coming to a pocket near you

If you’re sick of seeing sleek smartphones that flaunt flawless displays, just the right number of camera lenses and ‘a better battery than the previous generation’, then you might want... Reported by Which?

75% of broadband customers could be at risk of overpaying

Confusion over broadband can be costly - those who don't switch provider or re-contract with their existing provider pay an extra £100 each year on their broadband deal on average. Reported by Which?

Women caring for children £45,000 worse off in pension savings

Caring for children could leave you significantly worse off at retirement. Find out how to bridge the parental pensions pay gap. Reported by Which?

Brexit impact on cars – what you need to know

Car buyers should complete their purchases soon to mitigate risks against a no-deal Brexit if they wish to buy around the 31 October deadline, Which? has learned. Find out what... Reported by Which?

Four ways to boost your pension if you’re self-employed

Find out four simple ways to make sure you save enough into your pension for retirement if you're self-employed. Reported by Which?

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