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Former SS camp guard tells German court he's 'haunted' by killings

93-year-old faces 5,230 counts of accessory to murder while he was placed at a Nazi concentration camp Reported by Haaretz

Long after Netanyahu’s gone, Likud and the right will suffer from Post-Cult Trauma Syndrome

The Israeli prime minister didn’t invent the right’s disdain for democracy and rule of law – he only exploited it Reported by Haaretz

Benjamin Netanyahu Abandons Bid To Form Government Amid Israel's Political Deadlock

Israel's longtime prime minister had been given a mandate to form a governing coalition after last month's close elections,. The mandate now falls to his chief rival, Benny Gantz. Reported by NPR

Trump: Israel and Jordan asked to leave a small number of troops in Syria

According to Trump, these troops will remain in a different area than the one in which the fighting is taking place Reported by Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu gives up effort to form government, returns mandate

Netanyahu says he did “every possible effort” to bring Blue and White leader Benny Gantz to the negotiation table. Reported by Jerusalem Post

UAE doctors save 3-yr-old who swallowed gold earring

The child's mother said her daughter got the earring from a drawer and put it into her mouth. Reported by Khaleej Times

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu gives up effort to form new government

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed the country's president Monday he could not form a new government following deadlocked September elections, making way for his opponent Benny Gantz to try. Reported by SBS

Man threatens UAE teacher who punished his son after a fight

Defendant learnt that the teacher had expelled his son from the classroom after fighting with a classmate. Reported by Khaleej Times

Diwali in UAE: Long weekend for students in some schools

The festival of lights will be celebrated on Sunday, October 27. Reported by Khaleej Times

Femicide is on the rise in Turkey, and legislation alone isn't helping

In 2018, 440 women were murdered by men in Turkey. Murderers often get away with reduced sentences Reported by Haaretz

Turkey’s Border Towns Pay Deadly Price for Erdogan’s Syria Incursion

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s campaign against the Kurdish militia in Syria has led to at least 20 deaths at home and has reopened old wounds in southeast Turkey’s traumatized population. Reported by NYTimes

Pentagon chief visits Saudi Arabia as tensions simmer with Iran

On first visit to the Middle Eastern country since taking office, Esper attempts to push back against growing Russian influence in the region, according to a senior official Reported by Haaretz

Teva, three other drugmakers reach settlement as U.S. opioid trial set to begin

Talks on $48 billion settlement covering thousands of lawsuits over drug companies' role in the opioid crisis collapsed Friday Reported by Haaretz

Putin, Netanyahu discuss possibility of pardoning Israeli jailed in Russia on drug charges

Israeli officials have called on Moscow to ease Naama Issachar's seven-and-a-half-year jail sentence Reported by Haaretz

Lebanon's cabinet approves sweeping economic reforms following nationwide protests

Lebanese PM Hariri says salaries of top officials, including legislators and members of parliament, will be cut in half as part of an economic reform package Reported by Haaretz

Lebanon protests: 'It's time to take back what's ours'

The BBC's Eloise Alanna speaks to some of the Lebanese people demonstrating against the government. Reported by BBC News

Woman uses fake online account to catch cheating husband

The woman chatted on the fake account and peeped through the window to watch her husband's reaction. Reported by Khaleej Times

U.S. Withdrawal from Syria Gathers Speed, Amid Accusations of Betrayal

More than 100 American military vehicles entered Iraq on Monday, accelerating a pullout that greatly reduces American clout in Syria. Reported by NYTimes

Syria: Civilians pelt US army vehicles with potatoes in Qamishli

Residents bombard withdrawing US army vehicles in Qamishli, on the Syrian border with Turkey. Reported by BBC News

All Dubai govt entities to offer services via app: Sheikh Hamdan

15 entities have supported the Dubai Paperless Strategy so far. Reported by Khaleej Times

World's oldest pearl discovered near Abu Dhabi

The 8,000-year-old pearl will be displayed at the Louvre Abu Dhabi from the end of the month. Reported by BBC News

Turkey warns Kurds to withdraw from northeast Syria ahead of deadline

Foreign minister renews warnings that military offensive will continue if Kurdish fighters don't leave area by Tuesday evening Reported by Haaretz

5-Day Truce Between Turkish And Kurdish Forces Expires Tuesday

Kurdish-Syrian fighters say they have withdrawn from a key border city as part of a U.S. brokered deal with Turkish forces. But both Turkey and the Kurds accuse the other of breaking the ceasefire. Reported by NPR

Video: Prince William, Kate share Pakistan visit highlights

Thank you, Pakistan: The royal couple were in the country for five days. Reported by Khaleej Times

Hazzaa gets honorary doctorate from Khalifa University

The ceremony celebrated graduation of a total of 408 students. Reported by Khaleej Times

Russian hackers cloak attacks using Iranian group

Russian hackers used access to a rival group in Iran to hide attacks, say intelligence agencies. Reported by BBC News

Huge crowds chant for 'revolution' in Lebanon's biggest day of protest yet

Lebanon's PM has tried to strike a crisis deal as hundreds of thousands of protesters take to the streets across the country. Reported by SBS

'You can never be China's friend': Spengler

Asia Times) He was a phantom among journalists, using the mysterious nom de plume, 'Spengler.' Like his German philosopher namesake, the cultural critic returned again an... Reported by MENAFN

Kurdish fighters compelled to leave besieged Syrian town

A Kurdish source said there was a "plan to withdraw" from Ras Al Ain. Reported by Khaleej Times

Syria crisis: How you can help those in need

There appears to be no end in sight for millions of civilians and refugees affected by the bloody Syrian war. Here's how you can help. Reported by SBS

'Sisters In Arms' Celebrates Women Kurdish Fighters In Anti-ISIS Fight

A new movie in France fictionalizes the Kurdish women's brigades and the role they played in helping to defeat ISIS. Reported by NPR

Lebanon protests: Mass revolt continues as PM 'agrees reforms'

The country is in the grips of the largest anti-government demonstrations in years. Reported by BBC News

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