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E.P.A. Broke Rules in Shake-Up of Science Panels, Federal Watchdog Says

The Government Accountability Office found that the administration “did not consistently ensure” that appointees to E.P.A. advisory boards met federal ethics requirements. Reported by NYTimes

Apollo 11: CEO of rocket maker ULA recalls watching Moon landing on TV as a kid

On July 20, 1969, United Launch Alliance CEO Tory Bruno was just short of his 8th birthday, living on his family’s ranch in the mountains of California near Lake Tahoe. Reported by FOXNews

Some whales 'whisper' to their calves to evade predators

Along with dolphins, whales are widely considered the smartest animals in the sea, having developed brains and behavior that suggest intelligence and sophistication rarely seen in nature. But a new study theorizes that some species of whales have taken that intellect to a new level — ... Reported by FOXNews

‘Storm Area 51’ Facebook Plan Has a Million Supporters. It’s a Joke, Kind Of.

A Facebook post invited people to swarm the secretive military base in Nevada on Sept. 20. The Air Force said they’d better not. Reported by NYTimes

Quantum logic clock returns to top performance

The quantum logic clock -- perhaps best known for showing you age faster if you stand on a stool -- has climbed back to the leading performance echelons of the world's experimental atomic clocks. Reported by Science Daily

‘Toxic Stew’ Stirred Up by Disasters Poses Long-Term Danger, New Findings Show

Wildfires and hurricanes are pushing chemicals into the environment, with health effects that scientists are just beginning to understand. Reported by NYTimes

What's Area 51, and why is it so popular right now? 4 things to know about the top-secret site

The top-secret military base known as Area 51 has long been a point of discussion for conspiracy theorists who believe the facility holds government secrets about aliens and UFOs. Reported by FOXNews

Coupled exploration of light and matter

In quasiparticles known as polaritons, states of light and matter are strongly coupled. Scientists have now developed a new approach to study nonlinear optical properties of polaritons in strongly correlated electronic states. In doing so, they opened up fresh perspectives for exploring both ... Reported by Science Daily

Blood samples from the zoo help predict diseases in humans

Penguins, Asian elephants and many other animal species live in the zoos of Saarbrücken and Neunkirchen. As they come from different continents, blood is regularly taken from the animals to check their health. These blood samples have now been used by bioinformaticians and human geneticists ... Reported by Science Daily

Game-theory research better allocates military resources, fight cancer

A game-theory research using artificial intelligence may help treat cancer and other diseases, improve cybersecurity, deploy Soldiers and assets more efficiently and even win a poker game. Reported by Science Daily

Lion Bones Are Profitable for Breeders, and Poachers

An American ban on trophies may have contributed to a growing trade in lion skeletons. Reported by NYTimes

Apollo 11 flight director remembers historic mission to the Moon

For many Americans, the first Moon landing serves as a historic -but distant- memory. Current generations learn about the event from parents or a textbook, but for flight director Gene Kranz the mission is personal. Reported by FOXNews

Florida man, 75, fights alligator to rescue dog, reports say

A 75-year-old Florida man rescued his daughter’s dog from the jaws of an 8-foot alligator last week by kicking the reptile in the snout, reports said. Reported by FOXNews

Invasive parrots have varying impacts on European biodiversity, citizens and economy

Non-native parrots can cause substantial agricultural damage and threaten native biodiversity. While substantial evidence of negative impact in Europe is currently lacking, there are numerous already established wild populations. A pan-European team of researchers, conservationists, wildlife ... Reported by Science Daily

Improving heat recycling with thermodiffusion effect

Researchers find that the absorption of water vapor within industrial heat recycling devices is directly tied to a physical process known as the thermodiffusion effect. Reported by Science Daily

‘Mundos Alternos,’ Where Other Worlds Come to Life

Science fiction illuminates reality by imagining the unreal in a mind-bending show at the Queens Museum. Reported by NYTimes

Partial lunar eclipse on July 16 and 17: Here's all you need to know

Several regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia will be able to witness the partial lunar eclipse. Reported by DNA

Chandrayaan-2: India space launch delayed by technical problem

India's space mission to the Moon's south pole will not launch on Monday, due to a technical problem. Reported by BBC News

India’s Going to the Moon, and the Country Is Pumped

India will launch an unmanned rover into space on Monday. If successful, India will join a select group of nations capable of reaching the moon. Reported by NYTimes

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