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Doctors take COVID-19 vaccine shot in Mysuru to lead by example

“I think it’s a historic day and I volunteered to take the vaccine to remove concerns and build confidence among all doctors so that they too can get

Sports and sportsmanship

The skill of playing, winning and losing gracefully is important in any game.

Over 760,000 pounds of Hot Pockets recalled, may contain 'pieces of glass and plastic'

Nestlé revealed that these products could “pose a choking or laceration risk and should be not be consumed.”

Live politics updates: My Pillow CEO Lindell White House meeting notes reference martial law, new CIA head

The notes also suggested replacing CIA Director Gina Haspel with Trump loyalist Kash Patel.

The US on the world stage under President Joe Biden

President-elect Joe Biden's plan to scrap President Donald Trump's vision of "America First" in favour of "diplomacy first" will depend on whether he's able to regain the trust of allies and convince them that Trumpism is just a blip...

BJP chief lauds PM for vaccine drive

BJP Delhi president Adesh Gupta inaugurated a vaccination centre at Shanti Mukund Hospital and congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the inocu

Biden to introduce key members of White House science team Saturday

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will introduce key members of their White House science team on...

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