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US House to vote on resolution condemning Trump's racist tweets

Announcement of the vote comes as Trump doubles down on his remarks, insisting his tweets weren't racist. Reported by Al Jazeera

Greek man detained in US scientist's murder in Nazi bunker on Crete

Police on the Greek island of Crete have detained a man in the killing of an American scientist who was reported missing and later was found dead in an abandoned bunker used by the Nazis during World War II, it was reported Monday. Reported by FOXNews

Goldman backs London personal loan start-up Lendable

US investment bank expands UK presence with £200m fintech deal Reported by FT

Judge weighs bail for Epstein; women urge jail until trial

Two Jeffrey Epstein accusers urged a judge Monday to keep the wealthy financier behind bars until he goes on trial on federal... Reported by Deseret News

Joe Biden draws line against progressives on health care

Joe Biden is taking an aggressive approach to defending the Affordable Care Act, challenging not just President Donald Trump... Reported by Deseret News

UK's Hammond pledges to fight a no-deal Brexit from outside government

British Finance Minister Philip Hammond told CNBC television he did not want to make life difficult for either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt, the two contenders to replace Theresa May as prime minister on July 24. Reported by Zee News

Greaves Cotton raises stake in Ampere

With this, Greaves’ total investment now stands at ₹120.49 crore. Reported by Hindu

A.R. Rahman tweets photo with Kamal Haasan, excites fans

The last Kamal haasan film for which A.R. Rahman composed music was 19 years ago Reported by Hindu

The sentinels on-wheels of the Silent Valley

Driver EDC comprise locals who guide tourists and help to preserve the eco park Reported by Hindu

“I want my husband to work full-time. He doesn’t want to.”

The Live Love Laugh Foundation Chairperson Anna Chandy resolves readers’ queries about life and relationships Reported by Hindu

The battle to stay alive as a female journalist

Nobel laureates and prominent campaigners call for action 10 years after Russian reporter Natalia Estemirova was killed. Reported by Al Jazeera

Monsoon flooding forces thousands from their homes in Myanmar

Days of heavy monsoon rain and dangerously high river levels in Myanmar have forced more than 18,000 people from their homes and flooded at least one camp for people displaced by recent fighting, authorities and a politician said on Monday. Reported by Reuters India

Connaught Place’s chholey kulchey man

If you relish spicy chickpeas and refined-flour bread, head to Ashwini Kumar Sharma’s, in Connaught Place Reported by Hindu

Japanese women are running for parliament in record numbers, but face many obstacles

When anti-nuclear activist Junko Isogai ran for office in Japan's northern Niigata region, it had an awkward dimension: not just stump speeches and chats with constituents, but entertaining potential backers. Reported by Reuters India

Tension In The Gulf: Not Just Maritime Powder Kegs – Analysis

A recent interview in which Baloch National Movement chairman Khalil Baloch legitimized recent militant attacks on Iranian, Chinese and Pakistani targets is remarkable less for what he said and more for the fact that his remarks were published by a Saudi newspaper. Speaking to Riyadh Daily, ... Reported by Eurasia Review

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