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City Officials Unveil $37 Million Investment To Tackle Mental Illness In NYC

The new $37 million initiative, in partnership with the NYC Crisis Prevention and Response Task Force, is aimed at reducing mental health crises that end in in 911 calls and serious mental illness cases.  Reported by CBS 2

Trump unloads over Syria, impeachment, Doral controversies, says he ‘should be allowed to run the country’

President Trump unloaded on a number of topics Monday, including controversies surrounding his Syria decision, the 2020 G-7 summit and the House’s “illegitimate” impeachment inquiry while saying he should be “allowed to run the country,” instead of focusing “on this crap.” Reported by FOXNews

Mitt Romney confirms secret Twitter account, "Pierre Delecto"

Little is known about Romney's alter ego – except he seems to be French and he likes to "lurk" Reported by CBS News

Supreme Court overturns Michigan partisan gerrymandering ruling

The justices threw out a case that had been brought by Democratic voters Reported by CBS News

Trump exhorts Republicans to 'get tougher' against impeachment inquiry

President Donald Trump on Monday exhorted fellow Republicans to get tougher and fight for him, saying the Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives wants to impeach him "as quick as possible" over his request that Ukraine investigate a political rival. Reported by Reuters

Bernie Sanders joins Elizabeth Warren in criticizing Amazon’s spending in Seattle City Council elections

Sanders called Amazon's $1.5 million in contributions to a PAC associated with the Chamber of Commerce, "a perfect example of the out-of-control corporate greed we are going to end." Reported by Seattle Times

Gingrich: It's "inconceivable" Senate would convict Trump

Former House Speaker who led the Republicans' impeachment effort against President Clinton calls the current impeachment inquiry a "kangaroo trial" Reported by CBS News

'Pierre Delecto' Mitt Romney admits Twitter alter ego

Republican Senator Mitt Romney has admitted to using a secret Twitter account under the pseudonym "Pierre Delecto" to follow politicians, journalists and fan accounts for himself, Slate Magazine reported. Reported by Reuters

Castro says he'll drop out unless he raises $800,000 by end of month

Julián Castro's presidential campaign said Monday that the former Housing Secretary would be "forced to drop out of the race" Reported by CBS News

Mitt Romney, 'Pierre Delecto' And The Strategy Of Anonymously Criticizing Trump

The Utah senator outed himself over the weekend as the owner of a mostly nondescript Twitter handle that defended Romney and was critical of Trump. Reported by NPR

How Warren would boost traditional K-12 schools, attack charter schools

Her plan seeks hundreds of billions of dollars in new federal funding for traditional public schools. Reported by Politico

Judge: No Godfather clip for Stone trial

Prosecutors had wanted to show a scene from "Godfather II" at the trial. Reported by Politico

Democrats try to build support for Trump impeachment as more officials stonewall

Congressional Democrats on Monday sought to build public support for their impeachment inquiry against U.S. President Donald Trump over his request that Ukraine investigate a political rival even as his administration pressed its efforts to stonewall the probe. Reported by Reuters

Ex-VA Chief's Book Describes Chaos And Confusion Inside The White House

Dr. David Shulkin has written a memoir about his time as secretary of Veterans Affairs in the Trump administration. He says he was pushed out by people who favor privatizing the VA. Reported by NPR

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