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Digital Signage Health Tips

Optional Digital Signage Content for StrandVision customers from provides health tips that can be played on digital media players in your StrandVision Digital Signage network. Add these wonderful health and medical informational tips to your customer or employee communication network for $99.99 per year per digital media player.

If you are interested, please contact sales at or call 715-235-SIGN (7446)

Women's Health - Fighting Fatigue - 60 seconds

Mental Health - Take a Deep Breath - 60 seconds

Hearth Health - Controlling Blood Pressure - 60 seconds

Healthy Habits - Take a Healthy Snack - 20 seconds

Healthy Habits - Know your Family Health History - 20 seconds

Did You Know - You Stand Taller in the Morning - 20 seconds

Did You Know - Sour flavors suppress appetite - 20 seconds

Alergy Care - Bee Careful - 60 seconds

2Hemispheres Health Tips

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