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Create Free QR Codes for your digital signage

Use this free service to embed response generating QR codes into your own PowerPoint, photo, image or video files…

This free QR Code creator service allows you to create qr code images that you can embed into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations or directly to photo, image or video files. If you want try these codes with our digital signage software for free, check out our free digital signage test drive.

You do not even need to register to use this service, just enter your information and your code will be downloaded.

Thank you for using the StrandVision Digital Signage free QR Code creation system.

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Using Obf, Server SV22-8.3-, Remote, Load: 4.0%-0.0%-8@2.7Ghz Intel Xeon E5-2680, MC 17.0MB-294ps(74%), OPC 82.3MB-186ps(100%), Time:0.11606 secs