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Benefits of Subscribing

Benefits of Subscribing

A FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION of StrandVision Digital Signage targeted marketing promotions is available to you with NO OBLIGATION just by creating an account. You will get the ability to set up your entire account and depending on your usage, preview the system for up to 6 months. If you decide to subscribe, your setup will continue to function just as it did before, plus a few additional features are available to you. The following describes the differences between the free trial subscription and the paid subscription. The technical section describes the incremental benefits of purchasing additional locations.

Annual Pricing* Free $499.99
Number of Pages in Your Signage 20 50
Basic Security Yes Yes
Additional Security No Yes
Personalize Signage Appearance No Yes
Remove StrandVision Digital Signage Logo No Yes
Usage Resets Each Month No Yes
Company Promotion Pages Yes Yes
Text and Paragraph Pages Yes Yes
Weather Information Pages Yes Yes
Specialty Pages No Yes
Advertising Pages Yes No

 *Based on prepaying for 12 months of standard service.

Technical Differences
Each Additional
Number of Signage Pages 20 50 +50
Amount of Space (MB) 10.0MB 50.0MB +50.0MB

Using Obf, Server SV22-8.3-, Remote, Load: 6.5%-10.0%-8@2.7Ghz Intel Xeon E5-2680, MC 15.3MB-293ps(74%), OPC 75.8MB-220ps(100%), Time:0.12079 secs, Query:1, host=