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Lab chief faces sentencing in Michigan 12 years after fatal US meningitis outbreak

The head of a specialty pharmacy will be sentenced in Michigan for 11 deaths more than a decade ago that were tied to tainted steroids. Michigan is the only state that has pursued charges against Barry Cadden for deaths resulting from a national meningitis outbreak in 2012. He operated New ...

Lethal heat in West Africa is driven by human-caused climate change

The recent deadly heat in West Africa is driven by human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels, particularly in the wealthy Northern Hemisphere, according to an international report.

Buyers beware: Turmeric products are often contaminated with lead

(NaturalNews) When buying supplies for your stockpile, it's important to do so from trusted sources that offer lab-verified organic products. This can help you...

Ancient predatory worms have scientists rethinking the history of life on Earth

500 million years ago, the world was a very different place. During this period of time, known as the Cambrian period, basically all life was in the water. The ocean was brimming with animals that looked pretty different from the ones we recognize today — including a group of predatory worms ...

Is a massive DEATH WAVE coming to the Covid VAXXED population? Top virologists and immunologists are predicting exactly that

(NaturalNews) It used to be that vaccine "hesitancy" and "skepticism" amounted from concerns about all the toxins used to manufacture them, including mercury,...

Words aren’t enough

(NaturalNews) With Trump seeming to be unbeatable in the 2024 election, the Democrats have begun a scorched-earth policy of laying landmines on every conceivable...

Sweden votes to lower age to change legal gender to 16

Swedes have been able to change their legally recognised gender since 1972 - but this will make it easier.

Government morphed into a Marxist cabal, willing and ready to impose tyranny: ‘All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely on force’

(NaturalNews) Who would or could have predicted that our own representatives in Congress would vote to allow the government to spy on American citizens without...

Automotive journalist reveals how smart technologies in modern vehicles cost you privacy and control

(NaturalNews) Automotive journalist Geoff Thompson recently delved into the implications of a software update applied to a Hyundai Kona subcompact SUV following...

New York's high court to hear case on abortion insurance coverage

New York’s highest court is set to hear a lawsuit that seeks to throw out a regulation requiring health insurance policies to cover medically necessary abortions. If successful, the case could jeopardize a similar state law. The Court of Appeals is set to take up the case Tuesday afternoon. ...

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Georgia election board admits it committed FRAUD in 2020

(NaturalNews) A letter from the Georgia State Election Board to Joseph Rossi spells game over for the false claim that there was no 2020 election fraud in the...

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