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Digital menu display boards are a specific application of StrandVision. Learn how to leverage digital menu displays to maximize their flexibility.

Retail Stores Background

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Advertising is expensive and reaches many people who will never set foot in your store. That’s why StrandVision Digital Signage is tailor-made for retailers. Customers are already in your store but they may not know all of the items that you carry.

Just as endcap displays help sell products, digital signs are great for letting customers know about in-store specials, weekly flyer discounts, double coupons, preferred shopper promotions, etc. Digital signage can also be a revenue generator. Many vendors are eager to pay to run their ads on your digital signage system at the point of sale.

Digital signs enable you to support the community, as well. You can promote local organizations or donations and corporate/employee community involvement. Ideas for retail digital signage are limited only by your imagination. It’s inexpensive, perfectly suited to sell impulse products and easy to update and maintain.


StrandVision Digital Signage offers a free digital signage software trial account for retailers. This includes sample content templates and personalized assistance to get your network up and running.

Customer Stories

Ford Lincoln Mercury Waiting Area

StrandVision Digital Signs - Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Mercury’s New Sales Rep

Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Mercury is known for its innovative marketing. It has added a StrandVision Digital Signage system to feature products and services. The new digital sign directly led to the sale of a new car within weeks of going online, immediately more than paying for a year of service. > See More

King Drug Store screen

King Drug "Makes the Wait Worthwhile" for Pharmacy Customers

King Drug and Home Care, with nine stores in western Kentucky, sought an innovative way to communicate with customers that went beyond traditional store signage and advertising. They discovered StrandVision Digital Signage and purchased a "Gold Package" that offers shared video and the flexibility that King Drug requires. > See More


  • At store entrances, endcaps, checkout lanes, delis, pharmacies, gas pumps and other locations where customers wait
  • Create custom channels for different sections of the store
  • Provide the day’s specials and increase impulse buys on high-profit items
  • Include deli call numbers in a window on the screen to provide convenience and encourage shoppers to check signage often

Possible Digital Signage Content

  • Paid advertising by suppliers
  • Current and upcoming specials - including limited time offers
  • Customer endorsements
  • Business hours
  • Local and national news
  • Employee recognition and awards
  • Community involvement
  • Rewards program information


  • Subscription costs significantly less than newspaper or television ads
  • Targeted to current customers who are already buying
  • Increases impulse buys
  • Receive additional advertising revenue from suppliers
  • Indirect payback
    • Shortens the customer's perception of wait time at checkout/service areas
    • Builds awareness of community involvement
    • Demonstrates savings by making specials and discounts more public, noticeable and available

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