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Adding Samba to your Linux Digital Signage Player

Add Samba File Sharing to your Linux Digital Media Player PC

Once your linux digital signage player pc built, you can add samba file sharing if you like. This typically is not done, but can be a nice option for making changes to the digital media player.

Create Users and Groups

  • If desired, create a new group with groupadd <groupname>
  • Create the users that will log in with useradd username <-c user comment> <-G primary group, alt group 1, alt group 2> -n -m -p password (probably best to use -G users,www)
  • To list the groups a user is in, type groups username
  • Edit the /etc/samba/smbusers file to include the new users
  • Create the Samba password file with smbpasswd -a username and enter the password
  • Edit /etc/samba/smb.conf as follows (pay special attention to the yellow areas for changes):

server string = StrandVision Digital Signage Player
username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
interfaces = eth0
bind interfaces only = Yes
smb ports = 139 os level = 0
local master = No
domain master = No
invalid users = root, bin, daemon, adm, sync, shutdown, hald, mail, news, uucp, operator, gopher
hosts allow =,
hosts deny =
passdb backend = smbpasswd
netbios name = dev
wins support = No
workgroup = workgroup
ldap suffix =
wins server =

comment = StrandVision Digital Signage Player
path = /home/svision/public_html
force user = wwwrun
force group = www
read only = no
case sensitive = no
hide dot files = yes
strict locking = no
wide links = no
follow symlinks = no
inherit acls = yes
inherit permissions = yes
guest ok = yes
invalid users = root, bin, daemon, adm, sync, shutdown, hald, mail, news, uucp, operator, gopher
mangled names = no
hide unreadable = yes

Allow Samba through the Firewall

  • Go to firewall configuration and add Netbios server and samba server to the appropriate zone (demilitarized or external)
  • Modify the firewall broadcast configuration and enter for samba browsing in the demilitarized zone
  • Go to system, etc/sysconfig editor, network, firewall, susefirewall2.  Find FW_TRUSTED_NETS and type,udp,1024:1124
  • Restart the service with /ect/init.d/samba restart or services smb restart and services nmb restart

To Share a Network Connection With Other Computers

Other Handy Commands

ls -l <x>

Perform a detailed listing for file x

ln -s x y

Make a symbolic link from x to y

find x -name y –size +100M -print

Find file y with size bigger than 100 Meg, begin the search from within directory x and print the results to the screen

du –hc –max-depth=1

List directory sizes for 1 level below the current directory in human readable sizes


View all running processes

kill x

Terminate process x (x is PID from ps)

<alt> f1-f7

Switch to terminal 1-7, 7 is x-windows


Type a text file to the screen

cd x

Go to directory x

mv x y

Move or rename file x to file y

cp x y

Copy file x to file y

rm x

Delete file x

mkdir x

Make directory x

rmdir x

Remove directory x

rm -r x

Remove directory x and all its underlying files

df x

Show free space on device x

top -c

View memory status (q to quit)

man x

View manual page about command x


Shutdown the server

shutdown -r now

Reboot server


List login names currently logged in

groups <userid>

Prints group names a user is in

Ifconfig –a

Shows information about the network cards

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