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StrandVision Gets Local Equity, Vote of Confidence From Chippewa Valley

SAN FRANCISCO - StrandVision, a provider of hosted digital-signage services, has secured a $250,000 equity investment from fellow Wisconsin-based company Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network.

The investment comes less than a month after the Bank of Ann Arbor selected StrandVision as the technology platform for its in-branch digital-signage merchandising network. The video network will replace the bank's existing kiosk network, and will enable the display of promotions and current rates in real time using StrandVision's Web-based platform.

Pete Marsnik, Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network manager said that StrandVision presented a "very attractive" opportunity to Chippewa, and described StrandVision’s business concept as "not only sustainable but exciting and scalable".

Mike Strand, CEO of StrandVision, said that the Chippewa investment was a "tremendous vote of confidence" that would allow StradVision to speed up its product development and sales to banks, industrial distributors and health care providers.

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