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StrandVision Digital Signage Backup Server

This server is not one of the primary StrandVision Digital Signage servers. If you make changes on this server, they will not be saved. Your signage will run normally however. The StrandVision Digital Signage staff has already been notified and is working on the situation. This normally is corrected in less than 30 minutes (and can be as quick as 5 minutes).

If you are just looking at your account information, this is safe. If you are hoping to update your content, you should wait.

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Using Obf, Server SV22-8.3-, Remote, Load: 6.6%-9.6%-8@2.7Ghz Intel Xeon E5-2680, MC 14.0MB-291ps(74%), OPC 79.3MB-147ps(100%), Time:0.05321 secs