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Blue Pony Digital Signage Design

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What is needed for your digital signage ad:

High Resolution Vector Logos And Image Files:

We prefer you provide an ai or eps vector format logo. This allows us to make sure your logo looks its best. If you're submitting other imagery (like interior shots of your business or product shots), please make sure they are at least 1000 pixels wide at 300 dpi. Acceptable formats include jpg, tiff, png, and psd files.

Your Message: Let us know what you want to say. Are you promoting a sale, special event, or new product? Think about your target audience and intended purpose for your ad. Keep your message short, sweet, and with a clear call to action, such as, "Visit our Website Today for more Info!" This will grab your audience’s attention and prompt them to learn more about your company.

Your Contact info: Let your audience know the best way to reach you. Websites, email addresses and phone numbers are the best and most memorable ways to make sure people know where to go to find your business. You can also include your address and fax number.

Audio Files: We can include voice overs and music tracks to enhance your ad. Adding audio creates another way to grab your audience’s attention (audio included for an additional fee).

Digital Signage Content Creation Specs

Static Ads for Digital Signage

Static Ads:

We design a custom static ad with the assets and messaging you provide.

Rock Climbing SaaS Software as a Service

Quick Designs:

You select one of our Quick Design templates and provide logo and image assets. We use the template to create a semi-custom ad (one revision only).

Digital Dynamic Signage
Digital Signage Hosting

Custom Ads:

We create a custom ad based on your assets and messaging. We provide "standard" and "premium" options for our custom ads. What’s the difference? A standard ad still looks great and effectively promotes your message, but a premium ad allows us to spend a little more time developing something truly exceptional.

Get Started with Narrowcasting

Dash Packs:

Dash Packs provide a variety of entertainment options for your digital signage network. Chose from Trivia or Celebrity Birthday Dash Packs.

Digital Signage Content Delivery

We can usually deliver a final digital signage content ad to you 5 to 7 business days after your estimate is approved. Need it yesterday? We can do that too (with additional rush charges applied).

Fees and Terms

This pricing information is based upon assumptions in terms of assets and information provided by the client and estimate figures. Before the start of a project an estimate will be delivered and will require approval. Incidental expenses, such as shipping, and state sales tax (if applicable), will be billed as separately stated items. Additional hours incurred as a result of changes in the scope of the project not originally anticipated in the estimate will be billed as a separate item. It is our policy to obtain approval from you prior to incurring these hours. However, there may be circumstances on a rush project where we are unable to obtain pre- authorization and meet your service requirements. In these cases, we may incur additional hours without prior approval in order to meet your deadline. A non refundable deposit representing 50% of the maximum fee is due at the time of acceptance of estimate to begin the project. After final approval and acceptance of the project, the balance will be billed in accordance with established terms. Incidental expenses and state sales tax (if applicable) will be included in the final billing as separately stated items.

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