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StrandVision debuts Internet messaging system

the bottom line - September 24, 2004 - Vol. 25, No. 36

StrandVision, 1529 Continental Dr., Eau Claire, introduced, an Internet-based messaging system that allows companies to deliver information and marketing messages to customers and employees over virtually any computer or television display.

According to StrandVision CEO Mike Strand, who previously founded StrandWare, Inc., one of the leading providers of bar coding and data capture software, the video messaging system reaches customers when they are most likely to buy - in a waiting room or lobby - and presents opportunities for businesses to cross-sell customers through sponsored advertising from vendors.

"I have been working on this for about the past year. Our first client is RCU, which installed the system at its Golf Road facility about four or five months ago," said Strand, who added, "Most of the competition has stand-alone PC's with dedicated software and is more difficult to update than my system." supports a number of businesses such as financial institutions, service centers, grocery stores, medical facilities, hotels and health clubs, in addition to in-house employee communications areas.
Video messaging, which is also referred to as digital signage, narrowcasting, datacasting, digital in-store merchandising, retail television, electronic messaging, captive audience networks, electronic billboards or other terms, is normally installed on premises and requires investments in time and equipment. However, Strand said his software program is completely based on the Internet.

"This way a customer can log into an account and change the information or enter different data to be displayed from anywhere. For now, I am the only employee, but it is starting to get overwhelming, so I hope to be able to add employees in the near future," said Strand, who sold StrandWare about three years ago to Teklynx, a division of Milwaukee-based Brady Corp.

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