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Technimark Solves Employee Communication / Training Problem Using StrandVision Digital Signage

Technimark, based in Asheboro, NC, is a plastic injection molding company for the cosmetics, medical, confectionary and food, electronics, personal care, drinkware, household care, appliance, textile, recreational and media industries. A longstanding StrandVision customer, Technimark faced an employee communication/training challenge and turned to StrandVision for a solution. Now, Technimark is able to schedule training anytime using the StrandVision Digital Signage network.

Technimark, headquartered in Asheboro, NC, is a global manufacturer with international operations in China, Germany and Mexico. Its main plants in North Carolina operate 24/7 with approximately 800 employees.

It has had two StrandVision Digital Signage systems for visitor and employee comm-unications in its main plants in Asheboro for several years.

employee communication and training
The visitor network display is located in the headquarters lobby; it carries news and weather, awards information, quality achievements and other marketing materials.

The second digital signage network reaches employees on all shifts - the plant operates on four alternating 12-hour shifts. Digital signage screens are located in the employee break rooms serving each of the four plants located in Asheboro. The screens carry employee announcements, such as anniversaries, awards, quality and safety infor-mation, job postings and benefits, events and other notices, as well as industry and local news and weather.

Technimark recently discovered a way to leverage its existing digital signage network to save costs and supplement its training program.

Until recently employees were required to come in early or stay late to attend shift meetings to receive information and some basic training. This obviously was inconvenient for everyone involved. The Training department searched for a new approach that would allow them to guarantee reaching every employee with timely training without requiring them to extend their shifts.

Explained Kimberly Ingold, Technimark Training and Development Coordinator and StrandVision system administrator, "We had the break room monitors and we knew that they were watching them because we often got comments on what we were showing. So we looked into how to use the monitors to give training and information."

They discovered that StrandVision's Emergency Notices feature would do the job but "somebody would have to activate it and then manually go back in and deactivate it," she said. This clearly was a burden since the objective was to offer training 24/7.

Kimberly asked Mike Strand if it would be possible to create a scheduler to answer the need. StrandVision quickly created a feature that offers tremendous scheduling flexibility to automatically turn on and turn off the slide override component.

Now, the shift meetings have been replaced by a training module that automatically runs every hour on the hour for about 15 minutes. Then, the digital signage automatically returns to normal programming. "It's working great. It's much more convenient," Kimberly commented.

The new StrandVision Digital Signage feature supplements formal training while replacing the informational training traditionally offered in the shift meetings.

Employees are receiving the same information on their breaks during their regularly scheduled work shifts that they would have received in their extended-hour shift meetings. Supervisors still monitor the break room training and can send the employees to watch the PowerPoint presentation and then verify that they have received the training.

Technimark is still in the early stages of digital signage training but sees a lot of potential, including using the StrandVision system for more formal training sessions. Kimberly is happy with the new feature. "It all works without me having to think about it."

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