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TTM Technologies Reaches Five Shifts with StrandVision Digital Signage

TTM Technologies' printed circuit board manufacturing plant in Chippewa Falls, WI runs five shifts. With that comes the challenge of communicating with all 1,200 employees to give them important information and extend a sense of community. TTM accomplishes this with a StrandVision Digital Signage system in its cafeterias. Now every employee is in the know.

TTM, a specialty printed circuit board manufacturer with a major plant in Chippewa Falls, WI, faced a challenge. Management wanted to ensure that employees on all five shifts received timely information about company services and events.

TTM technologies estimate of energy used by their plant
Explained Senior Administrative Assistant Brandi Hunt, "We [previously] communicated primarily through email, asking supervisors to post memos in their work areas so people who didn't have email could see them. From there, it was pretty much word of mouth. We still communicate by -mail, but StrandVision has added a new dimension of communication."

Digital Signage Solution

TTM had heard that StrandVision was being used at another local company, Kell-GNC, so they researched StrandVision's hosted digital signage service.

"StrandVision had what we wanted and they were really easy to work with," said Brandi. "They introduced us to the right people for the TVs and were always available for questions when it came to the technical aspects of connecting with StrandVision."

TTM decided to install StrandVision Digital Signage in the two largest cafeterias. The IT department wired and installed two 50" plasma TVs.

StrandVision also helped redesign TTM's page template; it now includes photos of all of the company's facilities but still leaves plenty of room for main messages and crawling text at the bottom.

Easy Administration

Brandi handles day-to-day administration. Training consisted of a short one-on-one Webinar with StrandVision's Amy Hansen. "Amy walked through everything in a hands-on tutorial. It was helpful to see everything that she was doing while she was talking about it. Then I just waded in and started playing around with it."

TTM takes advantage of several RSS feeds delivered over the digital signage system including local news and weather with Doppler radar, and a Green Bay Packers feed.

Brandi updates the TTM pages at least once a week with anniversaries and other employee notices based on information from several departments. She either keys in the text at the StrandVision site or creates PowerPoint pages and uses StrandVision's conversion tool.

The digital sign was used to feature the United Way Campaign, encouraging employees to get involved with a photo contest for a United Way calendar. The annual company golf outing was heavily promoted with advance publicity and pictures after the event. The digital sign also features "Above and Beyond" news recognizing employees for their suggestions and performance. "They like seeing people being recognized for their anniversaries and accomplishments," Brandi said.

Over the holidays, Brandi posted local community happenings. "People really enjoyed knowing what was going on in the area."

TTM welcomes VIP visitors on the displays and keeps safety front and center with StrandVision's automated count up/count down page to report safety performance. It also uses a new StrandVision feature, Estimate Counter, to show up-to-the-second energy usage estimates to encourage employee conservation.

Taking Care of Business

StrandVision Digital Signage also addresses several HR objectives. "The signage helps us announce the dates when our insurance provider will be in the facility to answer questions, and to announce changes that may be happening," said Brandi. The company's credit union, Quorum, also advertises on the signage.

The StrandVision Digital Signage works. Said Brandi, "I've actually heard people say, 'I saw it on the TV. What's going on with that?' Or they'll stop by and say, 'I saw something about a customer visit. What are they coming for?' They are definitely reading it and they know more about what's going on."

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