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Warren County Community College Reaches Students/Visitors with StrandVision Digital Signage

Warren County (NJ) Community College uses a full deck of StrandVision Digital Signage slides to inform students about upcoming events, activities and deadlines. The system also reaches out to college visitors to promote the institution.

Warren County Community College (WCCC) is a fast-growing institution that serves its 1,800 students and the local community. Administrators are always looking for new ways to communicate and they determined that a digital signage system would reflect WCCC's vitality.

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Lamont Rouse, Director of Institutional Research and Grants, noticed the growth of digital communications systems at community colleges as he traveled throughout New Jersey. He wanted "a communications campaign to internal and external audiences."

Lamont also saw digital signs as a way to promote brand identity and "capture" visitors to the campus.

He began to wonder how he could bring the technology to WCCC. He ran across an article on digital signs in University Business magazine that mentioned StrandVision and other companies.

He continued to research the market and concluded that StrandVision was the best fit for the institution. Lamont secured funding for the StrandVision subscription and the necessary equipment, including LCD display screens for the lobby, a student lounge and the dining area.

From Concept to Reality

As is often the case with college digital signage installations, WCCC's Registrar, Jeremy Beeler, had overall responsibility for the system. But he had help. Explained Jeremy, "We had several people on campus working on the project. Our facilities and our IT departments were working together to get the system up and running, and I was using a StrandVision conversion tool to get PowerPoint slides onto the system. We spread the load about a bit."

One of the first steps was to have an online meeting with StrandVision so that all of the people involved with the project could see a virtual demo, hear how the system works and ask their questions.

After a short time, the system was up and running. The computer is located in Jeremy's office and is connected via cable to display screens located up to about 100 yards away on the first and second floors.

Easy Administration

Jeremy handles the day-to-day management of the system. He displays up to 50 slides featuring administrative information, activities, clubs, public events, weather and news.

He finds the StrandVision console easy to work with. Originally he was designing his slides using PowerPoint; now, he uses Publisher and then simply converts the slides to a graphics format for uploading to the StrandVision server.

He generally handles the updates from the computer in his office but occasionally does it from home. "If I'm in the car and I think of something that I forgot to update, I can do it as soon as I get home. I appreciate that very much."

The designs are attractive and take advantage of clip art that's available over the Internet. Jeremy also uses some of StrandVision's advanced features. For instance, he has a day/hour/minute timer counting down to the start of the next semester.

WCCC is also using StrandVision's split screen feature to stream video along with the digital slides. The video is displayed in a 2/3 window on the screen while normal digital signage information continues on the remaining 1/3.

StrandVision Digital Signage, with its low cost, easy administration and flexible presentations, is meeting WCCC's communications needs. Concluded Jeremy, "I'm very happy with the system. It's effective, it's easy to use, it's convenient."

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