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Digital Signage - It's a No-Brainer

Small businesses have an opportunity to use a largely untapped, inexpensive tool that differentiates them from the competition, informs customers and offers point of sales promotions. Called digital signage, it puts your messages directly in front of customers when they're most ready to buy.

Everyone's seen digital signage, but you probably thought that it was complicated and expensive. It used to be, but it's not anymore. You can jump in on this for next to nothing. In some cases it's free!

Digital signage shows constantly changing text and images that you control. It's like a slide show on steroids because you can schedule messages for certain times of the day and show a couple of messages at once in frames on the screen while you have scrolling text, too.

It's all automatic once you set it up - it just runs. You can use it if you:

  1. Can type;
  2. Can take a digital photo;
  3. Have a PC (even an old one) with a monitor (LCD is best);
  4. Have an Internet connection.

It's that simple. There are companies that offer digital signage delivered directly to you over the Internet. They provide page templates, scrolling and crawling text, and the ability to show your pictures and graphics. Many even offer local weather based on your zip code, as well as other news sources. You can even show news that is specific to your industry. It takes almost no administrative time and it gives your customers something entertaining and informative to look at while they're waiting for service or at the checkout.

There are a million uses for most industries, some of which include:

  1. Auto service - In-house specials;
  2. Banks - New products/daily/weekly specials, current rates;
  3. Dry cleaning - Services and specials;
  4. Hospitality/hotels - Welcome messages, meeting room listings, restaurant menus and specials;
  5. Industrial distributors - Video merchandising, supplier advertising, local events and recognition;
  6. Law firms - Legal services listing, visitor information, staff profiles;
  7. Medical and dental offices - Patient education, add-on products and services;
  8. Real estate - Listings, agent profiles, community information;
  9. Retailers/C-stores - Flyer and in-store specials, community events;
  10. Restaurants - Daily/weekly specials;
  11. Sports clubs - Class times/locations, upcoming events, membership specials;
  12. Employee break rooms - Events, benefits, employee recognition;
  13. Non-profit and religious organizations - Member and supporter communications.

I'm sure you can come up with lots of other messages to share with customers, vendors or employees. Just think about what you would like to say to everyone who visits your office or store - digital signage can say it for you in a subtle and consistent way.

Some business people get really creative. They use the digital signage to show video that they produced or that is provided by their suppliers. Some also display their digital signage on their websites. Imagine being able to have a dynamic, constantly changing website without having to update it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.

If you don't have a digital sign, you're missing out on the perfect opportunity to reach your customers at the ideal time - when they're in your office or store and ready to buy. It's time to check into digital signage. It's a good time to try it out. StrandVision offers many inexpensive options including a free digital signage software subscription for one month. Sign up for free digital signage software subscription today.

Mike Strand is founder and CEO of StrandVision LLC, an Internet-based digital signage service located at www.strandvision,com.

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