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Digital Signage Software

Digital signage is seen today in all types of business settings. The digital signage software from StrandVision works with your TV or computer monitor to make customers or visitors more content with their wait while it also serves the purpose of increasing your profits. StrandVision is an internet driven system so that there are very few digital signage software requirements and some basic hardware requirements. It's easy to set up and easy to use the digital signage from StrandVision so that you can promote lesser known products or services and improve your sales.

Digital signage software will provide you with a number of ways you can communicate with your visitors to showrooms, waiting rooms and lobbies. You might use your digital signage to promote a new product or service or a special promotion from you or a sponsor. Display a message about hours of operation, updated national and local weather, news, stocks, trivia or any number of optional feeds. The digital signage software will allow you to provide a display that decreases customers' perceived wait time by allowing them to view interesting content. You can use your signage to inform visitors about products or to generate advertising revenue from suppliers and partners in order to improve your customers' experience.

You can try a digital signage software trial account from StrandVision Digital Signage including the sample content templates and personalized assistance to get your network up and running. You can use a large TV or plasma screen, or a smaller TV or computer monitor at product displays. If you want to use the digital signage software to show the same or customized content at multiple branches, that is your option. You can also choose from simple text and graphic slides or full video with, or without, audio. There are lots of choices in the signage content including sponsored vendor advertising, specials, return policies, healthcare procedures, delivery truck schedules and routes, employee recognition and much, much more!

Digital signage software will help you create the personalized digital signage you need to increase sales while it costs significantly less than newspaper or television advertising. You can obtain a new revenue stream from vendors as well. While digital signage software provides you with a valuable marketing tool, its most important function is to shorten customers' perception of wait time which is very important to any business during busy times.

There are many different industries that can benefit from the digital signage software from StrandVision. Home realty offices, theme parks, retail stores, colleges and schools, health care offices, houses of worship, and banks all have important information that can be shared with digital signage. Go to to learn more about the free digital signage software that allows you to create your own signage in just 5 easy steps. Take a Test Drive to see how your message looks and see why digital signage is such an effective tool that can actually cost you less or bring in an additional source of revenue!

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