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StrandVision Emergency Schedule & Content Pages

Many organizations have a Safety Process - Emergency Exit Document (SP-EED) in place. The StrandVision Digital Signage can improve upon Emergency alert systems. StrandVision is a hosted digital signage system which allows the authorized users to make updates from virtually anywhere with access to the Internet and the secure USER ID and PASSWORD. The StrandVision Digital Signage Emergency Schedule feature will be a helpful tool in alerting people to take action for pre-determined or unscheduled emergencies. You simply provide the instructions in your selected content and activate your notice to display on the screen according to the Emergency Schedule created.

Should an urgent situation arise, the Emergency Schedule notification feature will allow an organization to display a set of content for a desired amount of time. An Emergency Schedule can be activated with or without an additional level of password protection. If activated, this scheduled content can be configured to override all other pages or not (depending on the severity of the emergency) at 1) one specific screen location, 2) a display group and/or 3) the entire network of displays, as appropriate.

If there is a repetitive or anticipated event where the audience (e.g., students, customers, visitors, patients) needs to take action, specific content can be created ahead of time. The content can then be activated when desired and deactivated when the emergency is past.

For example, if a school has routine fire/tornado drills, this would be an example of a recurring event where the Emergency Schedule could be activated to display on the screen for the actual drill timing. Content is created using the defined Emergency Schedule as it's timing. Once all students, staff and visitors have left the building, this Emergency Schedule can then be de-activated so that the other signage content pages will begin to display again.

Set Up Emergency Schedule Instructions

  • Select the "Emergency" menu on the left-side pane
  • Select the "Add New Emergency Schedule" button
  • Enter the Name of this Emergency Schedule: Type: Fire / Tornado Drill
  • When asked if you want to override all other content, select: YES (Selecting NO will add that emergency notice to the normal page rotation.)
  • Type in a password (if desired) (This is a secondary password that gives a higher level of control for this specific Emergency Schedule.)
  • If a password was typed in, confirm password by typing it again.
  • Select SAVE

NOTE: The above creates the Emergency Schedule but does not create the actual content pages. To do that:

Set Up Content Instructions

  • Log into your account
  • Select MODIFY signage in the left-side pane (USE SIGN tab area)
  • Select your desired type of content page(s) from the normal MODIFY signage menu of choices to include your Emergency message
  • (e.g., Emergency Introduction [High/Medium/Low], Paragraph, Scrolling Paragraph, Photos/Images, Count Up/Down, etc.)
  • Type your Emergency message or bring in the appropriate graphic
  • For this example we chose the SCROLLING Paragraph content type page
  • you can turn off the scrolling (no scroll) if the information is short (1 paragraph)
  • you can have the multi-paragraph information scroll, if desired
  • Select the PLAYBACK SCHEDULE dropdown list and look to bottom of list for the name of the Emergency Schedule you created. (Fire / Tornado Drill)
  • Type: EMERGENCY NOTICE in the title line
  • Type: EXIT BUILDING IMMEDIATELY in the subtitle line
  • Type: THIS IS A TEST ONLY!!! in the text area
  • Replace text with whatever you want to tell the people who see your sign.
  • Select SAVE

NOTE: You can create additional Emergency Schedules by repeating the same steps.

To Activate an Emergency Schedule

  • Select Emergency menu on the left-side pane
  • Select the desired EMERGENCY SCHEDULE
  • Select stop normal signage; select "yes"
  • Enter the password if needed
  • Select Activate and the Emergency Signage content will begin displaying

To Deactivate an Emergency Schedule

  • Select Emergency menu on the left-side pane
  • Select the desired EMERGENCY SCHEDULE
  • Select stop normal signage; select "no"
  • Enter the password if needed
  • Select Deactivate so that your other content may begin displaying again

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